5 Uses & Reasons to Use a 3 Head Softbox Lighting Kit

softbox is a rectangular, square or octagonal box covered with a white diffusion material which fits over the light source (such as a continuous light on a stand). It’s one of the most common and simplest of all light modifiers. It’s also the most used in professional photo studios. Why you ask? It gives the most versatility out of any modifier on the market.  

A professional softbox studio lighting kit, such as our Fovitec 2500w Photo & Video Studio 3 light & Boom arm Softbox Lighting Kit which contains everything that you need to set up and create professional-looking shots for Product Photography, Portrait or video (YouTube, business, vlogging etc). 

  1. Perfect Lighting for Product Photography

Product Photography Kit Setup 

As a business owner or photographer, you know how crucial professional product photos are. The images need to be clear, crisp and bright if you want to engage the intended consumer. You can use the three-point softbox to light your product and the background at the same time. 

The Fovitec 2500w Photo & Video Studio 3 light & Boom arm Softbox Lighting Kit set up includes all you need for high-quality product photos. You can also get the table separatelyThe kit comes with:  

2500w Kit Contains:  

  • 2 x Softbox Units  
  • 1 x Foldable Softbox 
  • 3 x 2.3m Lighting Stand  
  • 1 x Boom Arm with Sandbag 
  • 3 x Inner Light Diffuser 
  • 11 x 45w E27 5500k Bulbs 
  • 2 x 5 Socket Heads 
  • 1 x Single Socket Head 
  • 3 x Main Plugs (1 Fixed Lead) 
  • 1 x Carrying Bag 

Optional Extra: 

Fovitec - Ecommerce Product Photography Table 




 2. Portrait Photography  

Fovitec 3 head lighting kit with model 

With the three softboxes included in the Fovitec 2500w Photo & Video Studio 3 light & Boom arm Softbox Lighting Kit choose a suitable background/s and you can take huge range of portrait images. For a typical beauty shot (see above example), you will need to make sure your main lights are directly in line with the model’s nose. This will stop any shadows that may appear on either side of the subject’s nose.  

Also, have the boom arm positioned above the model to fill any shadows that might sneak their way in. 

You may be surprised that your white background comes out grey in your images – this is because the softbox is lighting your subject, not the background. But as you can see the Grey Muslin background we used above is a look that is an effective one, and popular for corporate and other types of headshots.  



3. Professional Online / YouTube Videos  

A professional softbox studio lighting kit can make all the difference when you are producing high-quality videos for your vlog, YouTube video, website marketing video or tutorial. 

Using the boom arm from the Fovitec 2500w Photo & Video Studio 3 light & Boom arm Softbox Lighting Kit  above the subject and the two softboxes provide even fill light from both sides. You will get perfect lighting, so your viewerwill see the best of you.  

Your softboxes should be positioned slightly above and to the side of the subject unless you want an different effect. If so, then you would angle the lights toward your subject. If you are looking to incorporate audio then we also do a kit with added microphone: Fovitec 2500w Softbox Photo/Video Lighting Kit & Boya Compact Microphone YouTube/Vlogging/Facebook  

  1. 4. Live Streaming


If you are wanting to create great live streaming on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook Live or YouTube Live, you really need a softbox studio lighting kit. 

In a survey by viewer, 67% of those questioned said that quality lighting is the most important factor when it comes to live video (according to Livestream Learn). So you need professional lighting to attract more engagement and help your videos stand out from the crowd! 

The Fovitec 2500w Softbox Photo/Video Lighting Kit & Boya Compact Microphone YouTube/Vlogging/Facebook can help you do just that at the same time as providing you with a high-quality microphone to help your voice be heard clearly by viewers 

  1. 5. Lighting Anywhere, Anytime 

As you can see softboxes are great for a range of applications such as Photography, Product Photography, Videos, Vlogs and YouTube Videos.  

Our Fovitec lighting kits are portable, and the softboxes can be taken down for transport and packed away in the bag provided.  The lights are also designed to run cool, so there’s no waiting around at the end of a shoot for the lights to cool down before packing up, they are also energy efficient.  

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