From watches to wedding rings with OJewellery

From watches to wedding rings who has never owned jewellery?

With online retail on the increase in the UK and a buoyant second-hand marketplace I became an accidental entrepreneur by clearing bits I no longer needed.  Initially, as a keen amateur photographer, I snapped a few shots of pieces I had around the house to sell online with the intention of raising money for a new PC for my disabled son.  For my original photographs, I waited for good weather and used a wide white windowsill.

With time spent on good snaps, my items sold well and I started to buy bits to sell at a profit.  One of my first purchases for the business was a small lightbox – lighting equipment is just as important for decent even shots as the equipment it's shot with.

View the Fovitec LED range here

A couple of years on I’ve developed my product range plus my own slim packaging and gift bags that can go through the thinnest letterbox so jewellery can be delivered quickly without anyone having to wait in. 

With an established, growing customer base and recent expansion to multiple online marketplaces.  I’ve launched my own range of Ojewellery branded silver.  My first range ‘Empowerment’, Is pieces designed to prompt the wearer to use the power to love, value and believe in themself.  Each piece is designed with ease of wearing taken into consideration.  The necklaces and bracelets are lariat style with a slider mechanism so the can be put on over the head and length adjusted without any fiddly catches.  The earrings are through ear type and rings open backed so one size fits all and can even be varied if wearers find their finger size varies with the weather.

With such a big investment in my own range, I’ve looked at the best way to sell my new items.  I know that online sales are significantly improved by a good thumbnail shot and earlier in the year I upgraded both my camera and lens.  Long gone are the days that I could wait for decent weather to produce the light for shots I need and with lifestyle shots becoming almost a necessity for online jewellery retail my small proprietary lightbox was no longer up to the job in hand.

After a reasonable amount of online research visiting blogs, youtube and studying feedback for products I’ve opted for two Fovitech S-600D LED flat panels with softbox upgrades.  I wanted the lower power of the LED panels because I like the low energy ethos of moving to LED but also didn’t want excess heat generated by traditional lighting setups. 

View the Fovitec LED range here

I’ve been really pleased with my initial shots, the versatility of the kit and even lighting I’m getting on both the macro shots of individual charms right through to the larger model shots.  With my new enhanced images, the Empowerment collection has started to sell making the investment both worthwhile and profitable.  My range can be seen on my website,

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