Oxley’s Furniture

Oxley’s Furniture produces bespoke, luxury outdoor furniture using recycled aluminium in classic designs. We have been producing fine quality fabricated and sandcast aluminium outdoor furniture from our Cotswold factory since 1991. We pride ourselves on making the highest quality aluminium outdoor furniture that requires no maintenance and can be left outside all year round. Done the Oxley’s way, it will last generations.

I am the Marketing Coordinator at Oxley’s Furniture. At university I studies marketing with media meaning I know about photography and lighting. My skillset in photography opened up an opportunity for us to do in-house photography. As a business we were looking to do some more photography on-site to allow us to take more product images and save time when wanting to upload new product photos to the website. The lights have been a great investment for us and have allowed us to set up our own in-house photography studio. It has been great to get started on this photography and going to allow us to gain a better photographic log of finished furniture sets and expand our photo library.


One of the main reasons I chose Fovitec is because of how well the products are priced. From doing my research into many different companies, I found that Fovitec were not only well priced but also high-quality products. On top of this, the lengthy descriptions with tips and videos made me feel confident in the company and I felt like I could trust them. This was then backed up by the numerous positive reviews from previous customers.

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