Our Small Desktop Ring Light

The New Bi Colour 25cm (10 Inch) Ring Light Only: £39.95 (at time of post)

Capture Detail

A perfect adaptable and adjustable light for all video calls. The main stand neck is bendable to your required position as is the phone holder gooseneck. The base is weighted for ultimate stability. The Universal Phone Grip (included) adjusts to hold any smartphone (even with a case) so you can get back to focusing on the content and not how sore your arm is from holding your phone!


USB Powered

Work from anywhere, either at home or when you’re on-the-go. Don't worry about having to find a power socket. That’s why we gave our mini ring light a 5V USB port so you can run it off a standard laptop or a portable phone battery pack. Great if you have to move rooms quickly for a meeting with clients and want to stay well lit.

Compact & Easy To Use

The new Fovitec ring light is just 25cm (10 inches) in width. It's also foldable so you can position it how you need or, store it away easily when not in use. It comes with a convenient colour temperature slider and brightness intensity slider so you're always in full control. 


With the advent of phones and vlogging, the modern creator simply doesn’t have the space for full-size lighting equipment and studio stands while on-the-go! Fovitec’s 25cm (10 Inches) mini ring light offers the portability you need to pack up and go with a built-in hinge and stand that fully disassembles.


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