Quality Product Shots Without Hiring a Professional

Quality Lighting Brings Quality Photographs

Many crafters, cooks, and artists want to take high quality photographs of their own creations, whether to feature them in a blog post, offer them for sale online, or just share them with friends. The trick to getting these kinds of product shots easily and reliably is to use a light tent. Shooting with a fluorescent lighting kit will provide, high quality product photographs every time.

Hobbyist Meet Professional

Some may think that if they are not a professional in the photography world that maybe they can use the natural sun or they have to hire a professional. What if it is cloudy for days at a time or your only time to shoot is late at night and hiring a professional is outside your budget? We reached out to make-up artist, Angela Tanner because we were determined to show our customers that you do not need to be a professional photographer to have professional quality work!

Though you may think lighting products is not hard, it does require some special equipment and basic technical knowledge. Since Angela is a make up artist, her products tended to be on the smaller size plus she often found herself shooting top down shots- she opted for our StudioPRO 2500w Photo & Video Studio 3 Light & Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit. This kit includes all of the lighting equipment any budding photographer will need to begin capturing professional looking product shots. When paired with one of our vinyl or pop up backdrops it’s easy to create some striking images perfect for the online market place.