Starting Your YouTube with The Story Coach

I’m an Award-winning TV producer of hits such as Changing Rooms and You Are What You Eat, so you would think I would have no problem setting up a home studio and pivoting to broadcasting. You would be wrong. I had no idea where to start and felt quite overwhelmed by the whole idea.

 Interview set up with lighting

Most of my work now is story coaching which in short, is training businesses and individuals how to tell their story. Typically, I would drive to somewhere in the UK, stay overnight in a hotel, and run a full day workshop with 8 – 12 key members of the business team in their offices.

In January 2020 I actually flew to Las Vegas for a workshop. In March, most of my workshops got cancelled. I needed to get online, I needed to do it fast and I couldn’t look amateur because all my clients knew I worked in TV.

I had no idea what I needed but luckily, I had a Director friend who I turned to for advice, and he sent me the links to the Fovitec site for everything he thought I would need.

All I had to do was click ‘Buy’! I bought a huge reflector and stand, two lights with filters and two soft boxes.

The Kit I Use

 Interview Set up Lighting

The kit I bought from Fovitec really played an important part of getting me set up personally and professionally. It was so easy to use, and so flexible and effective that my confidence was boosted straight away – and it gave me a very professional look from the start.

I also loved that everything came with its own bag, so it was easy to stay organised. Even before it arrived, I felt in good hands. I called customer service on the first day of lockdown in a panic that I had left it too late to order.

The phone was picked up almost straight away, they assured me they were still packing as normal at the warehouse and I had nothing to worry about.

 Youtube Video With Fovitec Lighting

First Project

My first project in my home- studio was playlist of 9 films for my brand-new YouTube Channel The Storycoach, called ‘Unlock the Power of Story’. Shot by my son on a borrowed camera – and lit by Fovitec! We Zoom-called another director friend to get a masterclass in lighting me on my office sofa. We were able to work any time of day and still get a really good lighting quality using the kits. I think the films look great and they have been a really successful shop window.

From the YouTube films I was approached by Elle Education, an online University, who commissioned 3 hours of lectures for their marketing qualification, and encouraged by that I volunteered to run complimentary training for TV Freelancers through Screenskills who laid on an amazing curriculum throughout lock down.

Story Coach Fovitec LED Lighting

Since the summer, Screenskills have employed me to run the same sessions and paid me. I was able to deliver a package of workshops online, that had been booked by Chelsea College of Art long before we knew what to come, and I launched a new line of training – ‘Get it On Screen’ for businesses and individuals to learn how to present and communicate on screen.

The final triumph for my lights was when the Las Vegas client asked me to run 5 workshops for them through November and December. Their requested time-slot was 17.30 – 19.00 on Friday evenings; daytime for them, pitch black night-time in the UK! But they all congratulated me on my ‘daytime’ look, they could not tell it was night at all.


I have had lots of compliments about the professional visual quality of my workshops and meetings. I have also passed on the links to buy the same Fovitec kit to several people asking my advice on lighting and they have all been thrilled with their equipment.

I would have never found the energy or time to get myself online without the urgency of business survival that lockdown imposed, but I am so glad that I did and I would say that Fovitec have been a really important support in the process.

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