Top 3 Fovitec YouTube / Vlogging kits

Technology and entertainment has progressed so far over the past 20 years. As well as the continuation of mainstream media and television, we have been opened up to so many more entertainment services on demand, such as YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and countless other streaming services. The difference with YouTube and Twitch is that now you can be the star and create your own videos and build your own audience, ultimately turning your hobby into a career.

Just about anybody can build a name for their self or, their business using the great power of social media, all you need is the correct tools.

 Fovitec Lighting Kit Make Up Artist

In 2019, most of us can say that we have own a smartphone. Hey, you may even be reading this blog on it right now! And surprisingly, this is your first major tool – from here you can access all platforms needed to stay engaged with your audience. Not only that, what else do most smartphones have? A camera! Of which most are mostly great quality. Even a camera which hasn’t got the highest specs can be fixed, and they key to this is great lighting. 

Quality is very important when it comes to videos, especially when you want to make your content accessible to all audiences, and you must ensure you have good quality lighting and audio (you should also majorly consider using subtitles in your videos to ensure that everyone can enjoy your content). And believe it or not, you don’t have to break into your savings fund to make this happen! Fovitec offer a wide range of different kits to suit your price range and video recording or streaming needs.


  1. If you’re just starting out on your journey to becoming a viral sensation and don’t have a big starting budget – don’t worry, we have you covered. Just a simple 2 light kit set-up will boost your video quality from an obvious beginner to a more advanced professional standard. At only £99.95 the Fovitec StudioPRO EZ Setup Photography Lights with Boya Microphone kit is your go to. With only one 85w bulb per head and an umbrella like softbox system means you can get your whole set up ready to shoot within 5 minutes. When you’re finished with your recording or stream for the day and you don’t have a lot of space, it can just as easily be folded back down into the provided kit bag and stored away until next use. This set up uses fluorescent lighting which means you’ll get a lovely natural daylight effect, so you won’t have to schedule your recording around when the sun will shine naturally through your window. Another pro to fluorescent bulbs is that they are eco-friendly and will not heat up as much as your standard bulbs, which means you can record more content before sweating too much! This kit also comes with a compact Boya Microphone which plugs directly into your smartphone, which will ensure that audio quality is just as good as the visual. 

Fovitec 850w Photography Lighting Kit 

Fovitec 850 Watt Lighting Kit Amazon  

  1. 2 lights not enough for you? This kit comes with an additional boom arm, light and softbox. The two standing lights feature 5 sockets for 5 45w fluorescent lightbulbs, which can be powered on or off to your preference. The overhead light is the same easy set up light you see in the kit above, meaning it is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable on the boom arm ensuring you have the perfect lighting for your audience. This kit also comes with a Boya Microphone which connects straight to your smartphone.

Fovitec 2500w Photography Lighting Kit

Fovitec 2500 watt photography lighting kit 

  1. More advanced lighting options you say? We have you covered. Bi-colour LED Panel lighting is also a great option, it gives you more options to control the lighting settings with more daylight or warm tones, upping your video quality to professional standards. LED is a fantastic option as they last a lifetime, which reduces costs in the future when it comes to replacing light bulbs. They give off little to no heat too, meaning you can have that extra-long session in front of the camera. The included barn doors allow you to control the path of the light and direct it to where you need it to shine! You can also buy an additional softbox for these panels (SP300-009) resulting in a softer light. This kit comes with a Boya Shotgun mic which plugs directly into your camera, so not only will you have perfect, clear visuals, but great audio sound too.

 Fovitec Bi Colour LED Panel Kit 


Any of these three kits will be perfect for you and your journey to becoming a well-known vlogger, YouTuber or Streamer, it’s just determining which kit is best for your content and audience.

Here at Fovitec, we are always on hand to answer any questions and give advice. If you would like some further information on any of our kits, including how to set them up and get the most out of them, please get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help!

We would like to wish our readers the best of luck in their new videography adventure. Happy Vlogging!

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