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I’m Alison, owner of Copper Rose Luxury Wedding Cakes based in Perthshire, Scotland.  I’ve been making cakes as a hobby for several years but finally decided to take the plunge and set-up my own business at the beginning of this year.  Right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to focus on designing elegant, clean and contemporary wedding cakes with beautiful decorations, such as hand-crafted sugar flowers, natural foliage and silk ribbons, for couples who are looking for a special centre-piece cake.

Fovitec 2500 037 kit on product photography table

I was always confident that I had the skills and passion to make such creations, however, I quickly realised that I also needed to be able to showcase my cakes at their finest to potential clients, particularly now as I’m starting to build a portfolio for my new website.  I knew that my photography would play a big part in this and could have such a massive impact on the luxury brand I’m trying to build.  That’s when I dug out my trusty Canon DSLR and started to look into what other equipment I could use to achieve the quality, professional-looking images I wanted.  As well as a new 50mm lens and tripod, I decided to invest in the Fovitec StudioPRO 1050W photo studio softbox lighting kit.  

As an amateur photographer I was looking for lighting equipment that would achieve a professional finish but within an affordable budget.  I had a rough idea of what I was looking for but with lots of positive reviews, an interest-free payment plan and a promotional sale price at the time, I decided to go with the Fovitec kit.

I decorate my cakes in a small custom-built garden studio at my home and before I deliver any of my cakes to their destination venues I really like to take my own photos in my studio.  It can sometimes be difficult to get good photos at the venues as you never know if there’s going to be an unsightly fire escape sign in the background or terrible lighting.  I also think you can start to create your own recognisable brand in your photos if you’re using your own setting and equipment.  The trouble with wedding cakes is that you’re often working on them up to the last possible minute, fussing over all the details, so I often don’t have lots of time to take the photos.  Luckily the Fovitec lighting kit can be set up very quickly and doesn’t take up much space which is ideal when you’re working in a small space surrounded by cake decorating equipment!

I’ve only been using the equipment for a few months but already I can see the difference in how much cleaner, clearer and more defined my cakes look in my images.  I’ve also had so many compliments on my photography from fellow cake artists in my industry when they see my images on social media.  I’m confident that the Fovitec StudioPRO kit was a worthwhile purchase for my business - I’d actually now consider it an “essential” - and I’m glad I invested in it at the beginning as I know it’s really going to help me showcase and sell my wedding cakes at a professional level.

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