Which LED Is Right For Me

We often get asked "Which LED is right for me?" May it be from a new customer who is getting started or an existing customer who is looking to upgrade or add to their existing equipment. 

 When it comes to LED lighting, Fovitec have two distinctive designs. The first is an LED panel and it comes in 600 or 1200 and in Daylight or Bi-colour. The other is a 100W single COB LED daylight Monolight.


 Whilst both of these lights work well for nearly all lighting situations, there are a few differences. In this blog, we will look at these differences so hopefully, it will help you decide which one is right for you.

So, we will look at how the LEDs create light and the differences in how they do due to their design. 

Both the 600 and 1200 panels have a large number of small LED bulbs (600 or 1200) spread equally across a larger area. This design will allow the light to cover a much larger area with an even spread of light. With it being able to cover a larger area, it can make the light more difficult to accurately direct so this type of LED works well with barns door modifiers. This type of design is perfect for production lighting, such as video interviews, vlogging and live streaming as it creates a large even light, so can be used for lighting multiple subjects. It can also be used for basic product photography and portraiture when using the dedicated softbox modifier

Depending on the LED panel in our range they can come with a DMX Output. What this means is that it is possible to attach these lights to a DMX console allowing the user to  control and program the lights together. This feature is incredibly useful when using these lights as part of a larger set or production. This feature isn’t something that is usually found on a lot of LED panels. 



The 100w Mono light is designed to create a concentrated light, due to the single COB LED being used rather than individual bulbs. Unmodified this light will cover a smaller area then the panels but with a harder more intense light, because of this intensity the light will carry further the panels meaning its great as a spot light. This style of light is great for creating more dramatic lighting effects and allows the user to become more creative. The S-mount modifier fitting gives a huge range of modifying options meaning this light is perfect for nearly all types of video creation from advertising to top end online tutoring and with a built in silent fan then can run for hours with no chance of overheating. This type of LED is 100watts meaning it is as powerful as some studio flashes and most speedlites, meaning it can be used to create a variety of portrait photography styles and all types of product photography. 



When it comes to LED panels vs monolight there are positives to both types of light and it all depends on what sort of image or video you're trying to create. 


600/1200 Panels:- Works great straight out of the box and can be used to create simple even light for most photography and video projects.  Slim in design so can be used in nearly all home and office environments. Packs away and can easily be stored when not in use


100w Mono light:- A great tool for creative lighting effects and can grow as experience and needs increase with the addition of S-mount modifiers. Longer body design but can still be used in most home and office spaces. Packs away and can easily be stored when not in use. 



One of the main advantages to LED lighting is no matter what type you are using they are all compatible with each other.  They are also compatible with any type of camera including mobile phones with no need for sync cables light meters. 

Hopefully, this blog has helped you make a decision on what Fovitec LED will suit your needs best.