Why You Should Use a Ring light

Have you ever wondered how most of the beauty photographs/videos, vlogging and video conference calls on Zoom, Skype or Hangouts that you have seen lately are well lit and of high quality? Well, if you thought that the reason behind this is because they are using a very expensive type of camera then you are wrong. Most of these photographers and video creators are able to produce these high-quality videos and photographs, or impactful lighting on conference calls by using a ring light.

The Fovitec ring light is an easy-to-use multipurpose lighting tool that enables you to obtain a source of daylight or bicolour light that comes directly from the point of view of their cameras. Our ring light is made from several connected small LED lights that form the shape of a circle giving you all the power that you need.


The Fovitec - 19" Bi-Colour Dimmable LED Ring Light and Light Stand Kit is perfect for emphasising details, photography, filming, makeup application, macro photography or generating colour effects.


Ring lights were developed for medical and dental purposes. However, because of its capabilities, the ring light was adapted for various commercial and personal usages that include the following:

Video Production

When using Ring lights for a photoshoot or commercial video it can produce an attractive halo shadow that brilliantly outlines the subject of the photograph or video. This provides a dramatic and professionals look for filming. If you are looking for something that you can use softboxes with then our LED Video light is a great alternative option for you.

Emphasising Details

Due to its design of having that inner gap, the Fovitec ring lights are perfect for emphasising details on photographs and videos. The circular design allows you to use your camera in between the hole of the ring light enabling you to focus on specific detail of the shoot that you are wanting to highlight in that image or video.

Macro & Food Photography

Using the Fovitec Ring Light when taking pictures close up produces perfectly balanced lighting that is evenly distributed on every side of the object you are photographing. This allows you to create high-quality photos or videos without the burden of spending a lot of money for the shoot. It also lets you dial in with bicolour if you want to give a warmer effect depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Video Calls

When using a Ring light as the only source of lighting for your video call or a filling light if you don’t have much natural light in your room can work really well. The Fovitec Ring Light produces an attractive halo shadow that brilliantly outlines you so you can look great in front of your clients or colleagues. You might even be doing an online tutorial which will help your viewers see you in great light, as well as enabling you to focus on what your trying to achieve.

Makeup Application

Our Ring Light can dial in a changing colour tone of light from 3200K-5600K without the need for clip-on colour gels. If you are doing makeup tutorials on YouTube or live streaming/creating content for your work this source of light is perfect for makeup application, especially on an overcast day or when natural light is not available. 

The Fovitec Ring Light with a 3200 - 5400-kelvin rating offers a colour temperature that replicated daylight and therefore it is perfect for makeup application when natural light is not available.

Not using a professional DSRLR? Or want it for an alternative use?

  1. Using a Smartphone?
    If you need a Ring Light to use for taking selfies or you use your phone for everything instead of on your DSLR camera then you can use this right light still as we add an adjustable connector that will fit most phones. You can create your blogs, go Instagram live on steam straight to YouTube without having to connect wires up to your Laptop from your camera.

If you have any questions on the Ring light or any of our other products then you can get in touch with the Fovitec photo and video lighting team by clicking here