The 19" Ringlight by Fovitec

Camera & Smartphone Optimised

    10% - 100% Adjustable Power

3200k - 6400k Adjustable Colour

           480 Individual LEDS.                       

          Catch Light Optimised.                     

     Battery & Mains Power Option.     

Flattering Facial Close-Ups

Using a ring light is the most effective method for achieving flattering results with your portrait images. The frosted coating eliminates harsh shadows and evenly illuminated light, all skin tones will look smoother. This is why it is also one of the best selfie tools on the planet used by almost all influencers.

Adjustable Colour

When you adjust the colour balance, you can create a range of different photo or video moods. This allows you to match the ring lights light to the surrounding colour balance. Different skin tones need different colour tones to look natural. So with 3200 - 6400k you can do just that giving you the perfect outcome.

Soft Light Quality

Soft and gentle light is the main feature of ring lights.This is what gives the ring lights its shine, it spreads the light equally from all directions. The circular light reduces unwanted harsh shadows and brings out only the best features of the subject. This brings skin to life and the eyes a glare that's unforgettable.

Tech Specs

What our customers say

This is exactly what I needed. It’s super high quality and it’s HUGE. Very bright with saturation adjustments ! Buy this! - Amazon Customer 


The Fovitc Ring Light 19” will transform your images or video content. Featuring 480 powerful individual LED’s with adjustable colour balance & brightness. You can tailor its appearance to suit your exact specifications.  Eliminate all unwanted shadows seamlessly. All photos and footage appear vibrant, crystal clear & professional.

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