We are looking for Content Creators!

We have an exciting opportunity for a select few influencers to receive one of our brand new releases - the LumNX80!

Here at Fovitec, we are always excited to see how you use our products in your creations, whether it be for your Business, YouTube channel, Online Store, Photography portfolio, Videography or just as your hobby! We would love to feature you and your creations on our website- we are currently looking for some dynamic, creative content creators who would like to work with us whom we feel we can help to jointly promote on our website and social channel as well as to work with you on some content whether it be blogs, videos or imagery. 

We have a team of professional photographers and videographers who can also provide you with handy tips/guidance as well. 

Are you a photographer or a videographer with a good social reach and engagement looking to expand on your studio and experiment with continuous LED lighting? 

Are you an unboxing/review channel on YouTube, looking to receive some new lighting which not only can you use to unbox and review, but also to use in your studio as part of your set up for future videos?

Do you have an actively growing and engaged audience on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok channel and looking to enhance your content?

We would LOVE to see any behind the scenes images/footage! This really helps expand knowledge and encourage sharing tips within the photography and videography community and gives other users an idea of how the lighting is used

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact help@fovitec.co.uk for further details - please include any links in the message which will guide us to your social pages and portfolios and we will get back to you if we feel you will be a good candidate!