VR Sensor Stand Kit with Ball Head Mounts and Carrying Bag

The Fovitec VR Stand Kit is the perfect kit for setting up your HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and other VR systems without having to permanently mount the base station sensors directly to your wall. Instead, you can easily set them up and move them around with the two light stands. The mini ball head mount operates with an adjustable swivel bracket, enabling you to pivot and turn the base stations in any direction. VR electronics not included.

VR Sensor Stand Kit

  • Compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and many more

  • Precise sensor positioning

  • Carry bag for easy transport

  • Enhances your VR experience
  • Make Any Space Your Gaming Stage

    The Fovitec VR Sensor Stand Kit allows you to make any space your personal gaming area. With stands reaching heights of over 7 feet, and articulating ball heads, you can position your sensors up high to make sure they accurately capture your every move.

    Setup Instructions

    Mount Ball Head to Stand

    Twist the ball head clockwise on the thread of the stand to secure the ball head in place.

    Mount Sensor to Ball Head

    Screw the base of the sensor onto the top of the ball head and adjust the face of the sensor toward your gaming area.

    Adjust the Height

    Using the knobs on the stands, adjust the height of the sensors to about 6" above your head.

    Position the Sensors

    Once assembled, position the stands roughly 6' apart with the sensors pointing toward your gaming area and angled slightly down.

    Product Features

    360º Rotation and Swivel

    The adjustable swivel head allows you to make precise adjustments to accommodate any space.

    Adjustable Height

    7'6" stands easily accommodate users of heights up to 7' tall (sorry Shaq...).

    Included Carrying Bag

    Safely transport all of your VR gear with the included carrying bag.